Our mission


is to faithfully capture our clients' personal or professional legacies by documenting achievements and challenges, triumphs and tragedies; all of the memories that will be cherished by those who love them most.




Most people don’t think about the value of their legacy, and find it difficult to capture stories for their loved ones or colleagues while they are alive. They may be concerned about upsetting people with their candor, revealing sensitive information, or they simply have not had time to engage in such an intimate and time-consuming endeavor.



Everyone has a story, but most people could use the assistance of an impartial witness and a skilled facilitator to serve as the "story catcher," i.e., someone who can capture and synthesize personal narratives in a concise 20 to 40 minute documentary.  


Our video capsules enable our clients to preserve and record their personal narratives or arrange for one to be done for family, friends and associates. 

“Those who have to witness a loved one's decline would really benefit from having a record that reminds

them of the better times...”

                                       --A Lasting Legacies Client