Our Team


has over 30 years experience at gathering treasured stories and writing, directing & editing personal narratives worthy of being treasured and preserved for generations.


From the start, our team at Lasting Legacies Video has been dedicated to immortalizing the memories, accomplishments, events, and stories of our clients' exceptional lives. 

Molly Secours

Nashville, TN


Founder of Lasting Legacies Video and One Woman Show Productions, Molly Secours has been curious about what makes people tick since the age of seven. 


As a writer, director and editor Molly has produced PSA's, TV ads, music videos and numerous short form documentary videos.  And as someone who is deeply inspired by, what she likes to call 'alchemical moments' she has interviewed clients about their successes, heartbreaks and other highly sensitive subjects including traumatic family histories, imprisonment, substance abuse and end of life challenges. 


Inspired by her own alchemical moments during a stage IV cancer experience Molly believes that in addition to preserving legacies for future generations that often unexpected healing moments occur for everyone involved as a result of loved ones sharing  personal and professional narratives. 


Molly and her team of storytellers are committed to making interviewees feel relaxed, comfortable and 'at home' in front of the camera during the interview process--something that is essential when encouraging people to share their most intimate, treasured moments.


Viktor Krauss

Nashville, TN

Krauss is a composer/producer/musician and part of the Lasting Legacies team. In addition to a lengthy and varied musical career, in 2006 Krauss was selected as a Fellow for the prestigious Composers’ Lab at the Sundance Institute and his film credits include three compositions in Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball: The Tenth Inning, composing credits for the films Twister, Robert Altman’s Dr. T. and the Women and the independent film, Dodge City. Also, songs from his records are featured in the documentaries I Hear Thunder, & The Oasis Project.


Throughout an extensive career, Krauss has recorded with the likes of Bill Frisell, Jerry Douglas, Joan Baez, Indigo Girls, Dolly Parton, Graham Nash, Michael McDonald, John Fogerty, & his sister, Grammy Award winner, Alison Krauss. With credits for producing, composing, recording, and touring, Krauss finally found the time to record his solo debut, Far From Enough. He is currently on tour with Lyle Lovett. 


To learn more about Viktor, click here to visit his official website.

Kathy Raeside

Rochester, NY

Raeside has been working in video production for over 30 years, shooting and editing local commercials and working on both sides of the camera. In addition to her vast production experience, Kathy has helped raise money for telethons by creating powerful vignettes about children living with a major diagnosis and helped them share their sensitive personal stories.


During the course of her career, Kathy also became a licensed esthetician and does makeup for commercials and executive presentations.  She enjoys applying makeup on men and women to help them feel more comfortable on camera.

Anastasia Johnson

Santa Barbara, CA


Johnson was born into a storyteller's family. Her teeth were cut on family legends, myths, feats, and tragedy. Stories passed down from generation to generation in pride and a sense of belonging, as well as an unspoken agreement of shame and secrecy, still mysteriously passed on. 


Anastasia's love of story deepened further with the birth of her children. As she delved into the study of psychology and myth, the ancient stories resonated in place of her own missing history. The recognition that everyone has a unique and interesting story to be told, propelled her into becoming a ghost writer. The anonymous collector of personal and family stories to be recorded and passed on.

When Anastasia's mother died unexpectedly mere months after the sudden deaths of two beloved grandmothers and a grandfather, the loss of a history was too big a shock to be fully comprehended. It always seemed like there would be time to document and fact check those family stories, to fill the holes, to ask why and understand motivations and decisions. Suddenly the resource for her family history was dried up - one day there there were 4 people, taken for ganted, holding all the storied knowledge of the family, and then there was none.